Friday, November 27, 2009



This is the season for giving and forgiving. I question many people’s behavior, and I asked GOD time and time again why? This is not GOD’S fault, this is horrible human behavior.

There are three precious people in my life that became victim of domestic violence on Thanksgiving Day. My precious child did not want to call me because she did not want to worry me. My precious granddaughter was so brave because she witness abuse no child should ever have to witness. No child should witness, physical, verbal, mental or emotional abuse. She was the one that called the police.

I am so proud of my child because, she took the next step and got a protection order from abuse and is determined to continue forward but…..I am not proud of me, I am angry beyond believeth, there is nothing that, anyone can ease the anger and pain that, I feel!!! To all police, state police District Attorney Office and so on. Please help those in need. This horrible plague is killing, hurting our babies!!!!

I always tried to protect my child and my grandchildren from Domestic Violence now they are victims of Domestic Violence.

Forgive me for my anger. I pray for those who continue to hurt our babies.

Thank you your time and understanding.

Rosa Torres-Sadler

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